Sun Coast Extreme Sailing Series
bringing stadium windsurf racing to the heart of the sunshine coast

Sun Coast Extreme Sailing Series

 Series Overview

The Sun Coast Extreme Sailing series is a windsurfing series running from autumn (May) to spring (September) on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The series consists of at least 3 wave slalom style events and is predominantly a winter series.
Wave Slalom racing is fast, action packed and spectacular racing on windsurfers in the surf. competitors are rewarded for aerials and tricks as well as outright speed.
The racing is held in close proximity to the shore at locations that enhance both the spectator and competitor experience. Races consist of a speed dash through the surf break to an outer gybe mark and a return leg back to shore. The courses are set short and compact to encourage close racing and enhance action.
Gear is unrestricted and brings together competitors from across all disciplines of windsurfing. 

Caloundra, Happy Valley

Happy Valley provides cross to cross-off conditions for winds from the Southeast through to the West and includes the predominant South and Southwesterly winter frontal winds.
The boardwalk and park lands provide an elevated spectator position and form a natural stadium overlooking the event arena. this location also provides elevated camera positions and judging positions plus live Internet broadcast via the Bulcock web cam.

extreme sailing series

 approx course for South to SouthEast wind directions

extreme sailing series
approx course for South-West to Westerly wind directions

Race Rules

gear - open class
start - beach start.
course - 150m-300m first leg through surf to outside gybe mark with return leg back to beach
finish line - inside buoy set at beach edge.
wind - courses to be set to suit cross shore to cross offshore waves sailing conditions.
min wind speed - 12knots measured at the shore.
max wind speed - 30knots measured at the shore.
max wave height 4 foot face.

right of way - starboard tack

6 competitors per heat double elimination. Top 3 move forward.

Points system per heat
1st - 9pt
2nd - 5pt
3rd - 4pt
 4th - 3pt
5th - 2pt
6th - 1pt

points reset every heat.

Bonus point system

transition bonus point - 2.5pt (duck gybe, helitack, flaka, spock,)
Jump bonus point - 3.5pt (forward loop, backward loop, push loop, barrel roll, rocket air, table top.)

each competitor can only exercise their bonus point maneuver once throughout the comp including finals.

NB: This means the person fastest around the course cannot be disadvantaged from the bonus points system. However, as an example, the competitor in last place could use the bonus points to climb into 3rd place to save them self. As could 4th & 5th places.

extreme sailing

extreme sailing